Welcome to our homepage. Are you interested in moose? Then travel to Sweden and bring along plenty of time. Evidently, they are there – otherwise the Swedes would not have put up so many warning signs along the roads. But you do not meet them very often. To be honest, the moose, number one symbol of beautiful Sweden is just supposed to get you interested in our two holiday houses, „Birch House“ and „Rasberry House“, closely situated at a lake in the middle of beautiful nature und quietness. You can rent the houses all-year round and go there for a break. You can enjoy hiking, swimming and fishing or go on a boat trip; you can spend time reading, cooking or finding berries and mushrooms. There is much space for children to play and enjoy outdoor life. The Baltic Sea is just ten minutes away. Several towns at the coast are within reach to be discovered.

The information on our homepage is written in German, but do not hesitate to contact us personally. We can explain things in English or Swedish.

Viel Spaß, mit und ohne Elch!
Sabine und Matthias Mascher